JaySo, Founder/CEO of Skillions Records, Record Producer, Rapper, Singer and Sound Engineer.

With hits like “Pizza and Burger” and “Let em know now,” Jayso has become a household name for the Ghanaian youth. A producer, a record label owner, and a rapper, there’s nothing that Jayso can’t do. a poet with rich flow, witty wordplay, and a positive message. see his process of making music.

Paul Nuamah Donkor better known by his stage name, Jayso, was weaned off the music of classic hip-hop and jazz acts like Das Efx, Tribe Called Quest, Nat King Cole and Frank Sinatra. It was just a matter of time before he developed a fondness for what he heard and decided to follow that same path.

After years of honing his skill at home, Jayso decided to take it a step further by starting a group which has come to be known the Skillions. A contraction for skills in a million, the name is a depiction of the group’s depth in talent.

Skillions Records has embarked on various projects with the aim of promoting good quality music that will break away into the international market.

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