Benedict Murray Bruce, Founder of Silverbird Group

Coming from a rather well off family, Ben Murray Bruce initially dreamt of being a Professor of History. He got into show business by accident when a stranger knocked on his door at their home in Los Angeles. This stranger turned out to be a teacher of celebrities like Janet Jackson, Todd Bridges. Ben met many celebrities and in the process became inspired to get into show business. Returning to Nigeria, he started Silverbird Productions in 1980 with borrowed capital of N20, 000.00, a desk in a small corner of the Domino administrative office, six staff and only two business activities, pageant and programme syndication. Today, with hundreds of staff, the company has turned to a conglomerate – three radio stations, Rhythm 93.7 in Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt; Silverbird television; the Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria; Silverbird Cinema, Silverbird Entertainment and Silverbird Galleria.