Dr. Alhaji Asuma Banda, Founder & Chairman, Antrak Group of Companies

At a tender age, Asoma Banda worked with his father in the road transport business and showed early signs of hard work and entrepreneurship. Determined to broaden his horizon and to acquire the requisite entrepreneurial competencies, Alhaji Asoma Abu Banda travelled to London in 1960 to further his education. He later entered the service of the Imperial Chemical Industries (ICI) of London as a Director in charge of Africa and the Middle East. In 1975 he moved into private business and established a partnership with a shipping company in London, OT Africa Line, and the Antrak Group of Companies (London and Ghana) of which he is the respected chairman. Thanks to his able leadership and business acumen, more than 146 branches of his companies have been opened in countries across the world, creating jobs for over 500,000 people globally.